Merry Christmas To All
I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. I know I haven't been around much, but I do still think about you all.

The business I run with my husband took an unexpected turn during the summer. We experienced an increase in growth that was exceptional. While that was great, it also put a tremendous workload onto us. We had to take on two part time members of staff to do the packing (we sell sweets and pocket money toys) so I could concentrate on adding new products.

For the last 8 weeks, it became a struggle again, even with help it was almost impossible. We were facing about 240 orders on a Monday and again on Tuesday;  we can only pack at the most 120 a day, so it was Friday before we had everything gone, only to start again the following Monday! Phew!!

We have two great ladies who are working for us and they have really become good friends, Next year we will have four out of the five days covered and hopefully after this Christmas rush is over, things will calm down and we will be back to normal with 140ish orders per day!!

Hopefully I might be able to rejoin the MFU community and post some more stories.

Have a good Christmas everyone and I hope 2016 brings a good year to you all.


The I Can Do Anything Affair ~ Chapter 2 For The Gen Round Robin Challenge MFU 50th Anniversary
Link to Part 1 by mrua7

Challenge: MFUWSS Gen Round Robin - 50th Anniversary
Title: The I Can Do Anything Affair -Chapter 2
Author: Avrovulcan
Word Count: Approx 2100

Illya smiled as he walked through the steel corridors of UNCLE HQ. He was thinking of the friendly contest Napoleon had suggested the two of them take part in, each challenging the other. The first, of course, involved food and Vodka; the Russians first and second loves.

He remembered the look on his friends face as the American saw the wide variety and sheer amount of traditional Russian food that had been laid out before him, and the almost guilty way he had told Illya he couldn't eat another bite, though Kuryakin had to admit he was surprised at how much Solo had actually managed to consume.... including the Vodka.

Then he started to think of the meal Napoleon had cooked for him as payback.... hmm, Illya grinned, that hadn't gone as well as Solo had intended.

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Daniel Update
Daniel's readings have been a bit hit and miss, he had a hospital appointment on Friday for a check up and they reduced his slow acting Levemir insulin, which he takes once a day, slightly.

They want to see how his blood glucose (BG) levels are once he's back at school next week before they alter anything else. I have to phone in his readings for the week at the end of next week so the Doctor can see how things are going and adjust his insulin ratios if necessary.

He's been running a bit higher than I like since his Levemir was reduced, but it does seem to have stopped the hypo's he was having (when his blood sugar levels fall too low).

Another thing the doctor was concerned about was if the Levemir insulin was lasting the full 24 hours as it should (it works in the background and is released slowly), he seems to think it may only be lasting for 22 hours and that is one reason his blood glucose levels are higher in the evening.

I'm still doing the 2am BG reading to make sure he's not going too low during the night, he's had a couple low readings and I've treated him, but I think it's going to be quite a while before I'm happy to leave him through the night again.

The incident has left Daniel nervous about going anywhere without us being present, my Mum wanted to take him and Beth to a space museum, but he didn't want to go because he was frightened of it happening again and no one would know what to do.

He know's he nearly died and it was our quick reactions that saved him, we tried to explain that it is not something that is likely to happen during the day as he knows himself if he's feeling low and our friends and family know when he looks like he's going low and he can be treated before it gets to the seizure stage. he was reassured a bit, but was still a little nervous about going. In the end they didn't go as he had to go to hospital anyway.

I'm going into his school on Monday to explain to the SENCO (educational nurse) and the teacher who looks after him what happened and let them know his readings will be abnormal for a while. The schools been really good and I'm sure they'll keep a good eye on him.

Daniel's London Trip

Daniel had a good time in London, so did Beth, his cousin. It was touch and go whether we would be able to go on this trip, due to the diabetic seizure he'd had, but I'm glad we made it.

We tested his blood glucose every two - three hours during the day, and at 2am each morning. We had a hypo during one 2am test, I treated him and he responded well.

We had some hypo's during the day, but I think that was caused mainly due to the walking around we did. Otherwise we had some quite steady readings.

Daniel took control of the camera and I was quite surprised he'd got a really good eye for photography. Pics below the cut.

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We're Home!
Good news, Daniels blood glucose readings were within the expected ranges during the day and the doctors were happy to let us take him home. We came back late yesterday and he's really glad to be back, the other good news is we've had the okay to have our London trip as planned, so we're off today for the weekend. Daniel and Bethany are really excited and it will help to make Daniel's recent problem a bit more bearable for him.

We will have to check his blood glucose levels more often than we used to, but that is a small price to pay. We also have to contact the hospital next week so we can let them know how his glucose levels have been. He then needs to go to the hospital in two weeks time for a review.

Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye on him now.

Life Is So Precious
I'm shaking as I'm writing this, and I can't stop the tears from flowing, we nearly lost our son, Daniel, early Tuesday morning. Thankfully, my angel is still with us, but I can't believe how close we came.

He's type 1 diabetic and insulin dependent and in the early hours of Tuesday I heard a strange noise from his room, just the one sound, but one I'd never heard the likes of before, like a cross between retching and struggling to breathe.

I immediately went to him and he was fitting and foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled back in his head, I've never been so scared in my life before. I moved things out the way, called my husband to be with him and called the emergency services. The paramedic came within 10 minutes and funnily enough it was the same one who came to the school the previous week when the school were concerned about his blood glucose reading being high and not coming down.

He came round incredibly slowly, not recognising any of us and was very confused and disorientated.

Between us the paramedic and myself managed to get a blood glucose reading and he was low at 4,  normal is 7. but the paramedic felt he was taking too long to respond and advised us to give him a glucagon injection, this releases a different kind of sugar stored in the body to bring his glucose levels up quickly, but to get him stabilised we needed him to eat or drink something within 30 minutes or else he would plummet down again, but we couldn't get him to eat and he kept complaining he was going to be sick.

The ambulance took him straight to hospital A&E, where he was monitored for a few hours, but he was going down again, we had to get a whole 380ml bottle of Lucozade into a very sleepy and dopey 13 year old, it was very hard and took over half an hour of persuasion and cajoling but we did and he came up briefly then went down again, eventually he was moved to a children's admittance ward for assessment and stabalisation when a bed became available.

They confirmed it was all related to his diabetes as was suspected and requested a bed on the children's diabetes ward which took forever as a bed wasn't available. But our Diabetes doctor, Dr. Greening, was there and came down to see him and get to the root of the problem. He is such a fantastic doctor and I'm so glad we're with him and he knows Daniel so well.

He quickly established the cause of the fit, it was a number of factors; he's entering puberty, his insulin sensitivity is less, Daniel wasn't administering his insulin efficiently and some was not getting into his body, but leaking out. As a result, his insulin needs had been increasing to try and keep his blood glucose in the correct range, which turned out to be far too much compared to his body weight; it was the excess of a slow acting 24 hour insulin he has once a day that had built up and sent him dangerously low, causing the fit which in turn triggered his body to release the sugar stored in his body.

It was at this time that Dr. Greening said that if I hadn't heard him and gone in and got things moving as quickly as I had we would very likely have lost him, the fact that he'd been fitting was a sign that things were very bad.

He's still in hospital now and has a bed on the diabetes ward, I've stayed with him overnight and will do again tonight, but the diabetes team have been absolutely wonderful in sorting his insulin needs out, he is on 2 hourly obs for the next 24 hours so they can see if the new regime is working how they expect it to.

Daniel himself is back to normal, it's as though nothing happened that night, almost like a dream, but I just can't stop thinking what would have happened if I hadn't of heard him. I'm almost frightened to sleep again in case I don't hear him and can't get him the help he needs in time. I'm glad that at the moment we're in the right place and I've got a collapsible bed right next to him so I can see and hear he is okay.

Daniel doesn't remember any of it, but it's something I'll never be able to forget, but I thank God that he's still with us.

Happy New Year To All

I'd like to wish all a Happy New Year and send my best wishes for 2014. I know for some of you this year has not been the best so here's hoping the New Year brings with it better times.

I know I haven't been around for a while, but you are never far from my thoughts and I will be back with more stories.

Our family life has had to change as we have now got my 15 year old niece living with us due to her having family problems with her Mum. It has been a big upheaval and a learning curve for all of us and hopefully now things will settle down.

She is a lovely girl but has a lot of emotional problems and has never really been treated as part of a family. She has told us she loves it with us and feels like she belongs to a loving family for the first time in her life.

We have a long way to go and I know there are going to be ups as well as downs, but hopefully we'll get through this and she'll be all the better for it.

Hopefully, I'll be back to writing stories and joining in with the challenges again soon. :)

Happy Birthday mrua7!

Sorry it's a bit late, but hope you had a great day yesterday!

A Little Drabble Do Ya - Lost And Found Part 9 - Double Drabble - Conclusion
Link to part 8:

Illya observed the THRUSH satrapy. It was in a private hospital, miles away from the facility he’d been held in himself.

The problem was not all the patients and staff were THRUSH, he had to find a way to evacuate the clinic so all the innocents were safe.

He had just the plan. Climbing out of the official looking vehicle, he approached the entrance, flashing a fake ID and making himself known to Reception.

“Good afternoon, I am Martin Samuels, from the Department of Health. We have been alerted to a contagion outbreak and have to evacuate the building immediately.”

“I’ll need to call Dr Harmon,” the receptionist replied.

The medic soon arrived, “I can’t shut the hospital down on your say so, what evidence have you got?”

“I have the necessary documents. Ambulances and places in alternative medical facilities have been arranged for your patients.”

Studying the papers, he conceded.

The evacuation took several hours. Known THRUSH were noted and UNCLE agents in place to apprehend them.

Making his last checks, explosives were planted.

Illya pressed the button.

A deafening explosion, followed by fire and smoke billowing skyward, then just a pile of rubble.

“For you Napoleon,” Illya smiled.

A Good Deed Indeed

Illya was strolling down the street of his local neighbourhood, enjoying a rare moment where he could pretend he was just another normal person making the most of the beautiful day, but old habits die hard.

As he made his way towards his apartment block, his senses were on high alert, he never knew who could be a threat, it didn’t even have to be THRUSH, a mugger could be just as dangerous.

Kuryakin was about a block away from his destination when he noticed a young man acting suspiciously, he was dressed in dark clothing, glancing around furtively and generally looking like he could be up to no good.

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